PlayStation 4: Is 12G Truly Necessary?

Technological advances in gaming show no signs of stopping. With that said, I understand the need for such things as RAM...
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1 min read
The Division

Unlocking gaming regions through social media

It’s amazing what power in numbers can do, especially when it comes to the gaming world. For those of you who...
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1 min read

In case you missed it, the new Xbox will be revealed May 21

The vast majority of Microsoft Xbox users have known that May 21st was likely the date that the next generation of...
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1 min read
Wii U Kids

Nintendo needs a complete strategy shift or they’ll die by 2015

Nintendo ushered in the era of modern console gaming with its first and second generation systems. Their history since then has...
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2 min read

Original Wii still selling strong on its 6th holiday season

Just because the Wii U launched last week doesn’t mean the Wii is dead. In fact, three of them were sold...
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27 sec read

How is the recession treating the IT industry?

When the economy starts showing an ominous downward spiral, companies begin to cut jobs, wages start to decrease, the expressions on...
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Wii U zombie skit shows it in action, but doesn’t show the action

It’s hard to tell who the video was made for or what its message is supposed to be, but we get...
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24 sec read

How Nintendo just “out-Appled” Apple

Out of the gate, I should say I realize that comparing Nintendo and Apple is odd. One is a gaming company,...
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Nintendo wii2 projectcafe

Wii successor set to take E3 by storm

Well, it’s certainly about time. Nintendo has confirmed that the rumoured ‘Project Café‘ – the whispered-of successor to the rapidly-aging Wii...
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wiiii thumb 550xauto 60723

New Nintendo console in June? It’s about time

Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo might be dialing up the awesome (finally) in preparation to debut a new console this year...
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29 sec read

What To Expect From Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation in 2011

From an industry perspective, 2010 was a fascinating year in video games. We saw both Microsoft and Sony successfully release motion...
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6 min read

Lego Wiimote Opens the Doors to Some Truly Rad Prospects

When I dare put ‘rad’ in the headline itself, you know something must be goddamn rad as all hell. And this...
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lovepress balance board2

Want To Stay Home And Be Creepy? There’s a Wii Game For That

It can be a lonely life for creepy guys. Who do you have to talk to when you’re stuck up in...
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44 sec read
udraw tablet

Become A Modern-Day Picasso With a Wii and uDraw

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkCGmFXTcno Forget pen and paper, wet acrylics, coloring pencils, and all those other artsy tools — all you need today is...
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e3 trick

E3 2010: The Biggest Disappointment In E3 History?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) used to be the most important day within the game industry for publishers, developers, and consumers,...
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7 min read

Arduino, Wii, Korg, and iPad Come Together In the Name of Funk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WcF819PX9I You can thank YouTube user Denkitribe for the fattest beats you’re going to hear today. Like, unless you listen to...
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27 sec read

Inflatable Racecar Controller For Wii

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCXLwpkX56g Remember that racecar bed you loved so much when you were a kid? What was the deal with that, anyway?...
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35 sec read
consoles death

Game Consoles Will Die: It’s Only a Question of When

The game console has been part of people’s lives for quite awhile now — to walk into someone’s house and see...
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3 min read