Essential Technology For Everyone

All-In-One Tech Solution For Seniors And Learners

Techi strives to make technology more accessible and simple to use for those who need it most – senior citizens and inexeperienced users. Whether it is your (or your parents’) phone or computer, we provide the best solution in a quick, easy-to-understand and professional manner.

Online Tutorials

Enjoy our basic technology tutorials: Computer operation, WhatsApp, Office, Emails, Zoom, Shopping, and more – all for free

Remote Support

Have a question? One of our members will be happy to assist you. Simply chat with us or give us a call. 


Weekly webinars, to teach you exactly what you need. 

File search and analysis
Senior Man in Support Group


We are available 7 days a week, and reply within 24 hours.


Fair and customizable prices.


Our team is highly professional and carefully selected.

Peace of mind

Our platform is aimed at providing easy tech for you and your loved ones.


See what others are saying…

Thank you [team member's name] for your weekly workshop at our community center. Our members can rest assured knowing there is someone to answer their tech needs!
Swiss Elderly Day Center
Just a week ago, I didn't know how to use WhatsApp and send photos to my grandkids. Thanks to their service, I am now able to freely communicate with anyone. That is why I decided to sign up.
Rachel H.
77, New york
The service at Techi was outstanding and the prices are very reasonable. The expertise is excellent, the firm honest and trustworthy, and the work was carried out quickly and in a most friendly and courteous manner.
Daniel M.
68, Texas