in light of the covid-19 epidemic, we offer free online support (until 30 march)

A Tech Essentials Revolution.

Tech Help You Can Trust

Techi strives to make technology more accessible and simple to use for those who need it most – senior citizens, inexperienced users, and anyone who requires basic tech help. Whether it is your (or your parents’) phone or computer – we provide comprehensive services in a quick, trusted and professional manner.

The problem

Many challenges are facing population groups that lack basic technological skills, including:


  • Loneliness
  • Vulnerability to online attacks
  • List Item

Our Solution

We provide essential tech tools and an online support service, suited for those who need a helping tech hand. Some of the benefits will include: 

  • Stay connected with friends and family kids grandkids- we help them install zoom, skype, etc
  • Online protection - no more spams or scams against seniors with our help center
  • Tech tips, advice and online resources directly to your email
  • Virtual-assistance with important mobile applications (WhatsApp, healthcare apps, purchasing online)
  • Helping you book an online appointment
  • Helping them find the organization for them
  • Saving organizations/institutions time and money
  • Better aging at home, indepeendce
  • Online lessons
  • Writing CV and finidng job

Why Choose us


Online support 24/7, every day, all year


Fair and reasonable prices 


Technology! Email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, Phone, Apps, Zoom, using your TV, home applications, staying safe online, and more


Great service by us, better living for you and your loved ones

Rivka M.
Rivka M.Tel Aviv
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Thank you so much for helping me find a lost email - I can now rest assured knowing there is a place that can help me with my email needs in unexpected times!
Leah H.
Leah H.Beit Tovei Hair Elderly Home, Jerusalem
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Just a week ago, I didn't know how to use WhatsApp and send photos to my grandkids. Thanks to their service, I am now able to freely communicate with anyone. That is why I decided to sign up.
Rachel R.
Rachel R.Senior citizen
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The service at Techi was outstanding and the prices are very reasonable. The expertise is excellent, the firm honest and trustworthy, and the work was carried out quickly and in a most friendly and courteous manner.

Now, during these challenging times, we are here to help. Register today, and get free help tech for you and loved ones.