Technology. For everyone.

Techi strives to make technology more accessible and easy to use for the older population. Whether it is your phone or computer – we provide comprehensive services in a quick, trusted and professional manner.


We have relocated to a different address. 
Website availability, and the Hebrew version of it, is termorarily under construction.
Thanks for your understnading and see you soon 🙂
– The Techi Team 

What Clients Say

Thank you so much for helping me find a lost email - I can now rest assured knowing there is a place that can help me with my tech needs in unexpected times!
Rivka M.
Tel Aviv
Just a week ago, I didn't know how to use WhatsApp and send photos to my grandkids. Thanks to their service, I am now able to freely communicate with anyone. That is why I decided to sign up.
Leah S.
Beit Tovei Hair Elderly Home, Jerusalem