allow everyone to USE TECHNOLOGY AND ENJOY ITS BEnefits.  

We began our journey in 2019 after realizing that the rapid growth in technology has left many people in need of basic technological assistance and guidance in their daily lives, especially seniors and those who lack essential resources.

Our business is dedicated to solving this challenge to the greatest extent possible, by providing tech tutorial and online support (over-the-phone, via chat or remotely) as well as on-ground assistance (in specific areas) to those who need basic - yet important - tech aid. We provide instant access to a tech help expert to solve common technology-related issues for individuals, groups and institutions. Whether it is your (or your loved one's) phone, computer or TV, and whether you are an individual or an organization, our techies will help fulfill your potential with technology, creating a more productive, connected, and safe environment. 

Guided by values of responsibility and integrity, our techies share a passion for technology and helping others, and are patient and friendly. Your tech-wellness is our goal!