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Dance Central Lets You Bust Out Killer Dance Moves Without a Remote

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We’re not gonna be foolin’ you with some controller waving and wagging. No, seriously, this is it. Real dancing with a console game.

With the XBOX Kinect and the game Dance Central, this is possible. No longer are we going to be shaking a Wii remote in the direction that we’re supposed to, we’re actually going to be pulling off real dance moves, which are tracked by the XBOX Kinect’s camera. Check out IGN’s Jessica Chobot for a demo on how Dance Central for Kinect works.

While I was playing the game, I have to admit I got into it really quickly. And for those old-timers? The Kinect has got it covered with songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s (Ok, maybe not “old-time” songs).

Dance Central could also help you get in a good workout. And we’re not talking about remote shaking anymore, we’re talking REAL EXERCISE. I know. Just head over to your local retail store, pick up an Xbox for $199, pick up the Kinect for $150, and you’ll be ready for some booty-shakin’ rock-and-roll.

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John Siano John Siano is a writer on all things technology. Send him an email.

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