‘The Internet Must Go’ – a mockumentary

A new “mockumentary” called The Internet Must Go launched today, in conjunction with the latest court hearing in the Verizon case...
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NSA Surveillance Van PRISM

The Joy of Tech takes an unpopular but sadly realistic take on the NSA Verizon controversy

With Verizon vans rolling down the road being called “NSA Surveillance Vehicles” and every tech and political blog on the internet...
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iPhone Roaming intro data roaming2 580 75

Tips to avoid international mobile expenses

Knowing your data plan can mean the difference between a normal cell phone bill and a heart attack. 1 in 6...
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Telecom companies spend billions on advertising

In the competitive world of telecommunications, it’s often a matter of name recognition and trust that help people determine which service...
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Verizon’s “Share Everything” plans make everything unlimited for up to 10 devices

Verizon has had its share of foibles over the last few months over how their customers interact with their cellular plans....
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Samuel J Jackson and Zooey Deschanel promote Siri for Verizon

Celebrities are often called on by companies to promote their products by inserting their use into their “real” lives, demonstrating to...
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Confused by what Verizon’s 4G LTE really means? Saturday Night Live is, too.

Speed is relative. Internet speed is extremely relative, which is why Verizon has been touting the impressive speeds that their network...
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T-Mobile Choices

Who will buy T-Mobile now?

The unraveling of the AT&T merger with T-Mobile was not entirely bad for the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US....
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Verizon Strike

Verizon Strike: 45,000 union workers take battle to the streets

Verizon customers who have land line phones, internet, and FiOS television services will be affected by the strike of 45,000 phone...
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Verizon CEO “Not Concerned” About T-Mobile Merger

In what could be one of the largest shakeups in America’s mobile industry for years, AT&T is seeking to acquire T-Mobile...
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ATT Mobile

ATT-Mobile: The $39 Billion Deal Will Face Roadblocks

AT&T intends to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. The deal, which is worth $39 billion in cash and stocks, will...
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HTC Thunderbolt Strikes March 17, Brings LTE To Verizon Customers

The first LTE-enabled Verizon phone is official. The HTC Thunderbolt will strike Verizon Wireless stores on March 17 for $249.99 on...
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verizon iphone vs att iphone speed

iPhone: Verizon for Calls, ATT for 3G

In a recent test using Speedtest, the AT&T iPhone proved to be around twice as fast as Verizon for 3G speeds....
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verizon iphone

And So, The Verizon iPhone Hype Begins

We knew it was coming. If anything, it may have started later than most predicted. The Verizon iPhone hype is here....
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Cell Phone Header

Cell Phone Shake Up: A Guide to Picking Your Mobile

The announcement of the Verizon iPhone launching next month has a lot of people considering changing providers. Some are thinking of...
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Buying Into The Verizon iPhone and Weighing The Options

The Verizon iPhone is upon us, so now it is our job to let you know all the details so you...
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vzw iphone

It’s Official: Verizon and Apple Announce CDMA iPhone

It might have been a few years in the making. It might have even been a few years too long in...
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Black iPhone

Hints of the Verizon iPhone Launch Point to Early February

Could it be? As most of the tech world is huddled around various devices in Las Vegas, Apple is quietly rolling...
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