HP Compaq Presario

How to buy technology accessories

Technology has offered large number of business experts the skill to finish the work quickly and with the higher amount of...
Avatar of Khalil Marwat Khalil Marwat
1 min read
Sony SD Backup

3 reasons why Sony’s SD backup should go worldwide

About a week ago, Sony announced its plans to release a line of SD cards – as well as other pieces...
Avatar of Rob Sutter Rob Sutter
1 min read
Too Many Gadgets

Are we carrying too many devices?

It’s a gadget-overload world. Society and advancing technologies are making us more gadget heavy than ever, by far. It’s not even...
Avatar of Scarlett Madison Scarlett Madison
40 sec read
Laptop Tips

How to nurture your laptop to make it live longer

Some people keep their laptops for a long time. Others upgrade regularly because they think that their laptops are outdated or...
Avatar of Greg Greg
23 sec read
Solar Laptop

Solar powered laptop concept could have us cutting the cord

The needs to go green, be mobile, and be productive collide in Andrea Ponti’s concept design for solar powered laptop, one...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
22 sec read

11.6″ Macbook Air On The Way?

Finally, an Apple rumor I can really get my teeth into. AppleInsider reveals that Apple may be planning to release a...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
46 sec read

That $35 Tablet Might Actually be Real A few weeks ago India’s Human Resource Development minister, Mr Kapil Sibal was throwing words around the tubes known as...
Avatar of Kole McRae Kole McRae
35 sec read

Dell Grapples Apple in Latest Campaign

Dell is so cute. Remember that totally handy OS guide they posted about how to choose between Windows and Ubuntu? This...
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32 sec read
kimmel twitter

Lights Out for Kimmel – Talk Show Host Breaks Out His Webcam Here’s a weird one. Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was all the more live: due to a power outage on-set...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
37 sec read
libretto w100

Toshiba Takes Aim at the iPad with the Libretto w100

Oh dip. This is a sultry unit. Toshiba is celebrating its 25th anniversary by dropping a true iPad killer into the...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
51 sec read

Hey Geek, My Laptop’s Tougher Than Yours

You need a computer you can take anywhere, a laptop designed for life on the site or the road. You need...
Avatar of Jon Edwards Jon Edwards
39 sec read

Finally, A Portable Laptop That You Can Actually Type On

What’s the problem with netbooks and other portable devices these days? For starters, you can’t type on them unless you have...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
39 sec read
500x asus g73jh

ASUS Laptop Give Gamers Growl

All-new from ASUS the G73 ‘Stealth-Fighter‘ is being billed the ultimate gamer’s laptop with a militaristic design that’s inspired by the...
Avatar of Jon Edwards Jon Edwards
1 min read