Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming development trends in 2013

Hardcore gamers might insist that nothing beats the experience of playing on a console or PC, but it seems that mobile...
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Knight of the Old Republic

LucasArts is gone

Gamers, it’s time to mourn the loss of one of our oldest and most respected gaming icons. After 31 years, LucasArts...
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Well played, Best Buy. Well played, indeed.

If the recent purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney changed the harsh way that the Star Wars company has always treated their...
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In case you didn’t know Disney had a movie streaming service, it’s shutting down at the end of the year

It falls under the category of “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”. Disney‘s three-year-old experiment with streaming movies is...
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Disney is building creepy life-like human animatronics

The science of entertainment is getting more complicated. Disney Research in Zurich and Walt Disney Imagineering at Cornell are working on...
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Where's my water

The most important $15 million tech deal of 2011: Disney and YouTube

When people talk about mega-deals in the tech industry, it usually involves hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. On...
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Grey's Anatomy

Has Disney been watching the news? ABC renews Netflix contract.

The wagons are circled at the Netflix camp as hundreds of thousands of subscribers cancelled in the last few months, but...
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Tron Legacy Keeps the Internet At Bay

Welp, Tron: Legacy is out on Friday, and if you currently exist, chances are you’re going to see it. In the...
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14404storystory full 7404447.

Marvel Heroes Get TRON’d The F*** Up

I hang out with an awful lot of comic book dorks, and many of them have been cowering in fear since...
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Chewbacca LL.preview

May The Mouse Be With You – Star Wars Descends on Disney

These ads were produced to publicize Disney Star Wars Weekends, which are taking place every Friday to Sunday from May 21...
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Early Toy Story 3 Review Suggests Pixar Can Do No Wrong

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_FfHA5whXc Except Cars, of course. Nobody knows what Pixar was thinking with that one. Okay, so if one wanted to get...
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