Was @adriarichards right or wrong about #donglegate?

Let’s start with the bottom line first. Both sides of the argument have valid points. With that said, let’s get to...
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Facebook Outrage

The biggest problem with the child porn that hit Facebook is that 16,000 people shared it

Around 5:00 pm on Thursday, reports started flying in about child pornography being circulated on Facebook. This isn’t anything new –...
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1 min read
Men vs Women

Facebook has more female users but much more male journalists covering it

It was probably just a statistical anomaly. There’s not chance that a social network that is comprised 3:2 women over men...
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Beyonce Super Bowl

3 rules about powerful trolls that every publicist must know

The internet didn’t create trolls. It made them more widespread because it made being one easier. There are many publications that...
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3 min read
4K Ink

4K Ultra HD may fill the void that 3D never could

Two years ago, 3D televisions and computer displays were going to be the technological advancement that changed the game. It didn’t....
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5 ways to post to Facebook that keep it fresh (and 5 tools to avoid)

Facebook purists will pan this post. They will say that the best way to post to Facebook is to post whatever...
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Which kind of geek are you?

There was a time not too long ago when being called a “geek” was considered derogatory. People avoided geekiness as much...
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