5 vulnerabilities the NSA can use on your smartphone

No, the NSA can’t magically hack all iPhones and smartphones, but just like malware developers, it has more than a few...
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Finance Strategy

Top 7 investment apps

Thanks to mobile technology, keeping track of your finances and the economy at large is easier than ever, even when you’re...
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The 10 best finance apps for BlackBerry smartphones

Keeping track of financial changes in the world — heck, just keeping track of your own personal finances — can cause...
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Android vs iOS

Who’s really winning between iOS and Android?

This is one of the silliest questions that constantly gets asked on tech blogs and is often answered by infographics. The...
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BlackBerry Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry is making a big mistake by going after Apple

In the art of war and business, knowing your enemy is arguably the most important key to success. The only real...
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Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Cell Phone Case

Can the Yellow Jacket stun gun cell phone case take personal safety to the next level?

Most people do not own or regularly carry personal protection weapons such as mace or stun guns. Those who do carry...
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1.4 billion smartphones will be activated in 2013

It’s a mobile world. Of that, there is little doubt. There is no longer a question about whether the smartphone and...
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Techi Week in Review

Techi week in review

This week was loaded with big mobile news from regulars such as Apple to an old school mobile giant, that artist...
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Thorsten Heins

Research in Motion is now simply “BlackBerry”

For RIM, you are what you eat. The latest twist for tumbling company Research in Motion, they’ve chosen to change their...
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5 ways to work smarter on your smartphone

In many ways, smartphones are actually too smart. They have capabilities that few ever take advantage of and there are so...
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RIM’s last stand

Fans who are still holding to hope for Research in Motion‘s revival through BlackBerry 10 devices due to be introduced later...
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Is this the Blackberry 10?

  Blackberry news blog N4BB has published what is believed to be the first image of the Blackberry 10 L-Series smartphone....
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Interview with RIM CEO discusses the cataclysmic downfall of the company

Blackberry Keyboard via Shutterstock In some ways, it’s simply a matter of circumstance. In others, it was missteps on their part...
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RIM is not in a “death spiral” according to their CEO

Research In Motion has been the whipping post for tech bloggers for a couple of years, now. We’ve taken our own...
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Should Microsoft buy Research in Motion?

Here’s how it all breaks down: It doesn’t take an astute observer to realize that RIM is dying. It takes even...
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The rise of the mobile employee

There was a time not too long ago when the only employees who could be considered “mobile” were the high-powered executives...
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Could Amazon have saved RIM?

First and foremost, RIM is dying. Anyone with knowledge of their situation knows that they have already lost the war against...
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The “Blackberry Down” compensation is an apps package, not cash

In lieu of a refund or cash considerations, Research In Motion (RIM) is offering an apps package normally valued at around...
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