Polar Umbrella

Winning skyscraper concept makes ice and energy while it floats in the arctic

Skyscrapers are normally associated with society’s forced decline of the environment’s quality and sustainability. They represent man’s destructive ways against nature...
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SLI prefab architecture image

Prefab high-rises may soon dominate city skylines

Prefab housing isn’t what it used to be. While we typically think of cheap, low-quality mobile homes when think of prefabricated...
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homeforlife 2

The House That Pays For Itself (Eventually) — Home for Life

For years we have heard about self-sustaining homes that can take advantage of the latest technology to harness solar energy and...
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Jobs Huffed and Puffed and Blew His House Down

Steve really hates his house – in fact, he’s been meaning to tear it down for years. Does this make him...
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Solar Waterfall Planned For the 2016 Olympics

Going green can be beautiful. By the time of the upcoming 2016 Olympics, being held in Rio de Janeiro, a man-made...
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Why Can’t All Car Parks Be This Remarkable?

There are some things in architecture that really just have to make you think wow. Most of these things are over-the-top...
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Giant Metal Wind-Powered Future Flowers Sprout in England

On the banks of the river Mersey in England, a new sculpture by architect Tonkin Liu has been unveiled. The 45...
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Software That Creates New Architecture From Existing Architecture Some see abstract art as a mess while others see it as a beautiful piece of work, but regardless of...
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Unfolding Sound 01

Paris Concert Hall Concept to Please Classical Music Buffs, Star Wars Fans

While to some the above picture represents a World Architecture Award-winning design concept for a new home for the Philarmonie de...
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Watertower H3AR 1

Saving the World with… a Skyscraper?

When you think of doing good or being environmentally sustainable, building a massive skyscraper probably isn’t the first thing that comes...
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