Xbox 360

Xbox 720

5 credible rumors about the Xbox 720

With over 70 million consoles sold since it was unveiled in May, 2005, the Xbox 360 is one of the most...
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Playstation 4

Is the PlayStation 4 coming February 20th?

Sony started teasing a big event that they’ll be hosting on February 20th. Much of the blogosphere is buzzing that it...
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Kinect to a full version of Internet Explorer with the Xbox 360

It could be a play to increase the number of Internet Explorer users. It could be a differentiator between them and...
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Microsoft Store’s $99 Xbox costs more than if you bought it normally

With any payment plan, you will likely pay more than you would if you bought the product up front. That’s the...
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Gaming Done Wrong

Xbox 360 dominated gaming sales in November

Most were impressed with Microsoft and their Xbox 360 when it was reported that they had sold 1.44 million units in...
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Star Wars Kinect

Star Wars Kinect from E3 looks pathetic

I suppose we should have expected it. Those of us who have dreamed of battling as a Jedi with real lightsabers...
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Least Surprising News of the Day: Halo Reach Sells Real Well, Makes A Ton of Money

You probably didn’t need a blog post to tell you that Halo: Reach was going to do well. Every word you’re...
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e3 trick

E3 2010: The Biggest Disappointment In E3 History?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) used to be the most important day within the game industry for publishers, developers, and consumers,...
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game industry

Open Letter to the Game Publishers: Stop Raping Gamers’ Wallets!

Dear Game Publishers, what are you thinking? For years, loyal supporters of your games have dealt with ridiculous price increases, overpriced...
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consoles death

Game Consoles Will Die: It’s Only a Question of When

The game console has been part of people’s lives for quite awhile now — to walk into someone’s house and see...
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