White House

Boehner Obama Shutdown

Technology makes this government shutdown more dangerous than 1995

Things are very different today than they’ve ever been in history. The way that people consume their media, the methods that...
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Obama Google Plus Cover

What the President’s Google+ page tells us about the network

President Barack Obama’s team is very active on social media. The Facebook page that carries his name has new posts twice...
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Obama Campaign

The most successful email subject line for Obama’s campaign was “hey”

President Obama’s successful re-election campaign last year was marked by many technological victories. They won most of the many battles on...
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Obama at the White House

If cell phones are allowed to be unlocked, the technology of the republic is working

Since the establishment of We the People, the US government site dedicated to allowing citizens to petition the government to respond...
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Dear Congress: End warrantless email monitoring immediately

We were so close. A non-controversial bill,  the Video Privacy Protection Act, flew through the Senate and was sent to President...
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