Second time is (hopefully) a charm with HP putting Windows 8 on new tablet line

HP has not had much luck in their early attempts at penetrating the tablet market after launching and subsequently canning their...
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Does 275 webOS layoffs mark the end of HP tablets?

When Meg Whitman declared late last year that WebOS tablets would be made again in 2013, the concept was met with...
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HP/Palm Announce “TouchPad” WebOS Tablet, Looks Impressive

Though WebOS never really got much traction, HP/Palm are looking to change that with today’s announcement of a new tablet based...
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WebOS 2.0 Arrives, Now HP Branded

Palm Web OS is now officially resigned to the history books. It was really only a matter of time, but now...
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HP Takes On Apple, Google For Handheld Futures

Hurrah – HP’s recently-acquired Palm unit has updated its webOS software, unleashing a whole new world of handheld gaming. Well, not...
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HP Harnesses The Awesome Power of Palm’s WebOS.. For Printing

If, like me, you had high hopes for Palm’s WebOS platform when it was purchased by HP, the sound of our...
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Palm Up For Sale After Marketing Efforts Fail

Palm, one of the pioneers in PDA and smart phone technology, might be calling it quits after reports state that the...
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