Washington DC

NSA A Few Good Men

Tech giants can’t (or won’t) protect your data when push comes to shove

One of the most annoying parts of the Edward Snowden revelations isn’t what everyone is focused on. It isn’t that the...
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3 min read
Google Glass Teardown

This is what Google Glass looks like when you take it apart

It’s not that it’s disappointing or anything. In many ways, it’s anticlimactic to see what the little device that’s causing all...
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Obama at the White House

If cell phones are allowed to be unlocked, the technology of the republic is working

Since the establishment of We the People, the US government site dedicated to allowing citizens to petition the government to respond...
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1 min read
Predator B Drones Customs and Border Protection

Cell phone tracking, gun sniffing Predator B drones are flying over Americans today

It’s not just a question of privacy. It’s not simply a question of civil liberties. The technological capabilities and mandated powers...
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4 min read

Silicon Valley is buying protection from DC through skyrocketing lobbying spends

The greatest threat to startups is lack of momentum. For companies that make it over the startup hump, it’s competition. Once...
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1 min read

Dear Congress: End warrantless email monitoring immediately

We were so close. A non-controversial bill,  the Video Privacy Protection Act, flew through the Senate and was sent to President...
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