Wall Street

Twitter Status

As Twitter turns seven, its status is finally a safe one

There was a time in 2008 when Twitter really started taking off. Celebrities were starting to use it. Kevin Rose, former...
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1 min read
Corporate America

Amazon tops satisfaction index but corporate America is clearly not liked

The good news for tech companies is that America seems to like them the best. Amazon topped the list, followed by...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
46 sec read

Google beats analyst expectations by $2 billion last quarter. Yes, $2 billion.

It isn’t too common for Wall Street analysts to be very wrong. They have good indicators and past performances upon which...
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32 sec read

I said from the beginning that Facebook’s “buy point” was $17. I may have been too optimistic.

I said over a year ago that Facebook would be the worst tech investment in history. It’s now being confirmed as...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
1 min read

Call it a comeback: Groupon posts profit, share prices surge

Stocks shot up 18% after a report that Groupon had slayed expectations from The Street to post its first quarterly profit....
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29 sec read

Is Yelp spending too much money?

They say you have to spend money in order to make money. The problem for Yelp is that they may be...
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