Dark Super Mario Videos

#Videos: Mario fan videos take the loved video game to the dark side

There have been many attempts to take loved kids’ video games and turn them darker. In most circumstances, the results are...
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34 sec read
Google Auto Awesomely

#Video: Google+ automated movie maker looks sort of cool

Google is trying. They’re trying real hard to make their social network better than Facebook. In many ways, it already is,...
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26 sec read

In case you missed the Microsoft Surface launch, here’s the (uncomfortable) video

“A tablet that’s a great PC. A PC that’s a great tablet.” The jury is still waiting to hear all of...
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39 sec read

Dark Knight Rises trailer: “This isn’t a car”

There are two reasons to never watch trailers of movies that you already know you’re going to watch. You get to...
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34 sec read

A comprehensive comparison of online video players

The online video world is dominated by YouTube with others such as Vimeo and Metacafe picking up the scraps. They are...
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32 sec read
YouTube Channels

YouTube expands its exclusive-content drive with 100 new video channels

Original content is the cornerstone of most content channels, but YouTube has been conspicuous over the years as a place for...
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2 min read
MySQL Logo

Warning: was hacked, serves extremely malicious malware

With over 12 million monthly visitors, word must get out to keep people from going to MySQL(dot)com until they get things...
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36 sec read
Facebook Changes

If you don’t stop using Facebook, there’s no reason to complain about it

If there’s only one certainty in life, it’s change. If there’s only one certainty in social media, it’s that people will...
Avatar of Scarlett Madison Scarlett Madison
1 min read
MakerBot Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s head sent into space by MakerBot

MakerBot, the company that brought us the 3D printer to “democratize manufacturing” has been making the news a lot lately with...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
43 sec read
Cat Videos

The truth about cat videos

Not everyone loves cat videos, but everyone watches cat videos. The animal is a natural for videos – they just do...
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21 sec read
Saints Row

Saints Row: The Third voted best E3 gaming trailer on YouTube

There were many who tagged this year’s E# convention as a disappointment, but there were some games that got more buzz...
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19 sec read
YouTube Branding

YouTube allows their logo to be removed, adds HD preview image

YouTube announced a couple of moves that will make users happier. First, they are allowing HD preview images to be used...
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47 sec read
Star Wars

Random video Wednesday: The original Star Wars trailer

With Star Wars Kinect previews coming out and disappointing real fans such as myself, I thought it was appropriate to show...
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17 sec read
Windows 8

Windows 8 user interface

After reading some of the thoughts and speculations about Windows 8 over the past few days, it’s possible that Microsoft may...
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19 sec read
Jetpack 2

Personal jetpack breaks 3000 feet

Despite dozens of designs and millions of dollars spent over the decades on engineering a true, usable personal jetpack that could...
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28 sec read
iPad 2 Advertising

The Apple ad machine through the years

If there’s one thing that Apple has done exceptionally well over the past decade, it’s advertising. They have built a subculture...
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28 sec read
History of Gaming

An Abridged But Very Cool “History of Gaming”

When you’re done with the video, most gamers will probably say, “But they missed so much.” I know, but that doesn’t...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
16 sec read
Making of Tron Legacy

The Making of “Tron: Legacy” May Be Cooler Than The Movie Itself

It’s definitely a digital age in movies as more and more are trying to meld real-life with computer generated effects to...
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30 sec read