Making of Tron Legacy

The Making of “Tron: Legacy” May Be Cooler Than The Movie Itself

It’s definitely a digital age in movies as more and more are trying to meld real-life with computer generated effects to...
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Tron Legacy Keeps the Internet At Bay

Welp, Tron: Legacy is out on Friday, and if you currently exist, chances are you’re going to see it. In the...
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tron iad

Tr-iAd: Tron Lands First iAd on the iPad

The first iAd on the iPad will be for the upcoming movie “Tron Legacy“. A Tr-iAd. And thus, the era of...
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tron unique armchairs by dror

Like Tron? Signature Tron Furniture at Design Miami 2010

If you were a fan of Tron or are a fan of Tron: Legacy, you’ll survive nicely in one of these...
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14404storystory full 7404447.

Marvel Heroes Get TRON’d The F*** Up

I hang out with an awful lot of comic book dorks, and many of them have been cowering in fear since...
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