Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

Looking forward to the fuel cell vehicle from Toyota

Revealed as a possible production model, but with none of the production components in place except the engine and inner workings,...
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Reset Button

How to start over with a Facebook page

Oh, the regrets. Things happen. We start heading down the wrong direction and suddenly we find ourselves in a bad place....
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3 min read

Can the Toyota i-ROAD actually hit the streets?

At nearly every auto show, there are ambitious visions that automakers play with which tickle the imagination and present an extremely...
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1 min read
Volkwagen SUV

VW’s global car will change the industry forever

Some of the best minds in modern technology migrate to the automotive industry every year. From software to design, aerodynamics to...
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1 min read
Fun Vii Unveiled

Toyota Fun-Vii concept car is like a “smartphone on 4 wheels”

It’s been a long time since a concept car has really sparked the imagination of tech geeks and car enthusiasts alike....
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1 min read
Steve Ballmer and Alan Mulally

The bond between Ford and Toyota: Microsoft

Japan and the US are teaming up with two automotive powerhouses announcing a deal today to develop new hybrid systems and...
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Hybrid Engine

How a hybrid engine works

As the roads fill with the quiet, environmentally-friendly hybrids, most people are now aware of the premise. The electric half of...
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Sony, Toyota Face Weeks of Downtime in Japan

The aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami that crippled much of Japan is being felt by two of the country’s...
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Toyota Entune image e1294246185207

Battle of In-Vehicle Connectivity Heads to 2011 CES

Infotainment has become an important area of research and development in the automotive industry. Many consumers want it, but most automakers...
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