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Lines at T-Mobile stores show Apple’s clout

The iPhone 5 is six months old. That isn’t stopping happy T-Mobile subscribers from lining up to get it as part...
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T-Mobile’s Carly to dump pink dress in favor of leather and a Ducati motorcycle

The best mobile spokesperson for the worst mobile carrier is dropping the pink dress that helped to make her so popular...
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T-Mobile Choices

Who will buy T-Mobile now?

The unraveling of the AT&T merger with T-Mobile was not entirely bad for the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US....
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3 min read
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ATT responds to Sprint’s suit

One might think that AT&T was expecting Sprint to file suit against their plan to buy T-Mobile based upon the speed...
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T-Mobile iPhone 4 in the works

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it appears that Apple is making preparations for the eventual T-Mobile iPhone...
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Verizon CEO “Not Concerned” About T-Mobile Merger

In what could be one of the largest shakeups in America’s mobile industry for years, AT&T is seeking to acquire T-Mobile...
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ATT-Mobile: The $39 Billion Deal Will Face Roadblocks

AT&T intends to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. The deal, which is worth $39 billion in cash and stocks, will...
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36 sec read

T-Mobile and Sprint Considering A Merger?

Rumors by an anonymous source reported by BusinessWeek are revealing that two of the top four U.S. wireless providers are considering...
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1 min read
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Cell Phone Shake Up: A Guide to Picking Your Mobile

The announcement of the Verizon iPhone launching next month has a lot of people considering changing providers. Some are thinking of...
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