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Prefab high-rises may soon dominate city skylines

Prefab housing isn’t what it used to be. While we typically think of cheap, low-quality mobile homes when think of prefabricated...
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How To Save The Earth? With Cows on Treadmills

That headline up there may sound like Monty Python-esque absurdity, but it’s quite real. Or at least half of it is....
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TrikE2 screen

Solution To Transportation Woes? A Grown Up TrikE

Cycling: good for you, good for the environment – and good for making your butt look toned and hot. Right? Yes...
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A Robot to Light Up Your Life (or at least your home)

You thought the way the Solar Pebble slapped the sun around was pretty cool, right? Right? Here’s another great way we...
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‘Gas-powered’ Alarm Clock Beats the System

I really, really hope I never get audited like this. Surely you know of EnergyStar – if you’re a PC user,...
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