Facebook Gift

Facebook’s first foray into physical gifts fails

They wanted to play in the world that Amazon and other companies have dominated for a while. They weren’t asking for...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
1 min read
Coffee Beans Bag

Design creativity: “Infographic on Coffee Cup”

Coffee isn’t exactly a technology topic that we would normally cover, but when it’s the subject of an infographic that was...
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25 sec read
Facebook Gift Cards

Facebook hits the real world with innovative gift cards

Facebook is about to get real and make their push into the physical wallets that they’ve always coveted. It’s not an...
Avatar of Louie Baur Louie Baur
1 min read
Daily Deals

Daily deals are dying

In 2011, we wrote about how Groupon must fail to save the internet. At the time, there were already some fishy...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
1 min read

Netbooks have died. Tablets are to blame. Thankfully.

The original idea was a good one. With internet speeds improving and becoming more abundant, why carry around all of your...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
50 sec read

Innovation over profits: why everyone from GM to American Express is getting in on Silicon Valley

The days of “focus on what you’re good at” are behind us. It’s no longer adequate for businesses to stay isolated...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
1 min read

iPad is to “tablet” as Starbucks is to “coffee shop”

When a product becomes synonymous with the general term for the item itself, it can own the market. To paraphrase Ra’s...
Avatar of Scarlett Madison Scarlett Madison
28 sec read