Sprint will keep unlimited data plan on next iPhone, even 4G LTE

The iPhone world has been getting more crowded over the last year and Sprint has been on the tail end of...
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T-Mobile Choices

Who will buy T-Mobile now?

The unraveling of the AT&T merger with T-Mobile was not entirely bad for the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US....
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3 min read

Sprint is sprinting towards disaster

There are two signs that point to a company entering into “desperation mode”: big cuts and big investments. Big, risky investments...
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Sprint iPhone Preorder

Sprint iPhone 4S pre-order starts Friday

The big gamble starts October 7th. Sprint just updated their website with an advertisement for pre-orders on the iPhone 4s. Eyes...
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Sprint iphone

Will unlimited data plans give the Sprint iPhone enough for conquest sales?

There is little doubt that when Sprint begins servicing iPhones, current Sprint customers will switch to it. The real question that...
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Sprint Logo

ATT responds to Sprint’s suit

One might think that AT&T was expecting Sprint to file suit against their plan to buy T-Mobile based upon the speed...
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ATT Mobile

Sprint follows DoJ, Sues to Halt T-Mobile Purchase

Just in case the United States Department of Justice is unsuccessful in their bid to stop AT&Ts attempt to purchase T-Mobile,...
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The Sprint iPhone

Whether it’s a reality or simply another example of the fast-turning iPhone 5 rumor mill, it’s news either way: Sprint will...
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T-Mobile and Sprint Considering A Merger?

Rumors by an anonymous source reported by BusinessWeek are revealing that two of the top four U.S. wireless providers are considering...
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1 min read

Smartphone Data Gets Even More Expensive

Welcome to the United States of America, where mobile service providers continue to rape our wallets whenever they get the chance....
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Cell Phone Header

Cell Phone Shake Up: A Guide to Picking Your Mobile

The announcement of the Verizon iPhone launching next month has a lot of people considering changing providers. Some are thinking of...
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evo 4g landscape

Techi Reviews the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint’s Network

The HTC EVO 4G is one of few in a lineup of “superphones” that have hit the market recently with Android...
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5 min read
sprint screen

HTC’s EVO 4G Goes On Sale Today

The HTC EVO 4G goes on sale today, earning the honor of becoming America’s first 4G smartphone. Running the Android 2.1...
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Sprint-ing To Catch Up

Sprint, the George Bush of US wireless carriers has announced a new product it hopes will catapult it to the front...
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