Serena Williams

#Serena: not done serving on the court, nor on Twitter

Let me just get this out of the way: I have a girl crush on Serena Williams. Her badass physical and...
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2 min read
Football Game

5 apps to keep track of sports

Keeping up with the world of sports can be a challenge, but not if all the info is right on a...
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2 min read
FIFA Soccer

FIFA gets its tech on with goal line magic in Brazil

In soccer (or football as it’s known in most of the world) is getting more hi-tech on the professional level as...
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impact football infographic cable satellite industry

Football, television viewing habits, and customer service

Americans crave football and appreciate a positive customer service experience. They pay, on average, about $100 a year for sports programming....
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perfect football fan 1

The perfect football fan

  Football Connect, an app from OneUp, has changed the way you watch live sports.  This revolutionary live-play social sports game...
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ScoreBig attempts to revolutionize crowded market of selling online tickets

With a bevy of recognizable names in the online ticket marketplace, such as Stubhub, TicketsNow, and Ticketmaster, ScoreBig entered the fray in...
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2 min read

Social media’s growing influence on sports

It seems to have crept into every nook and cranny in our daily lives. It makes sense that social media would...
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Downhill Bike

The most insane downhill bike race helmet cam videos you’ll see all day

If you’re into extreme sports, you’ll dig this. If you’re into watching insane people doing insane things from the safety of...
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Copa America Tournament

Mind-Blowing fact: there were over 900 million mentions of the Copa America Tournament on Twitter

If the statistic is true (and there’s no reason to believe otherwise – heck, it’s on the internet!), then there was...
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sports stadium

Beating the Game — Ditching Pay TV

If you enjoy adrenaline-filled racing, bone-crushing tackles, mind-blowing saves, and earth-shattering home runs, chances are pretty good that you have a...
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3 min read

The Dream of Endless Surfing Becomes Reality No, we are not talking about some fake, artificial wave generated at a water park. We are talking about the...
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27 sec read

World’s Hottest Golf Cart with A Chilling Price-tag

Golf carts are interesting and fun. They get you from point A to point B without having to walk. And while...
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Turner Sports and NBA Are Getting Social Media Savvy

Many sporting organizations have been well known for their resistance to new media and Web-based technologies; however, times are quickly changing....
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