Skipity: Channel surfing for the internet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a remote for the Internet? The Internet has so...
Avatar of Dylan Adams Dylan Adams
2 min read

How to build online software with broad appeal

Building a marketing and sales software platform that appealed to both tech-savvy young people and experienced journeymen was a huge challenge...
Avatar of John Boudreau John Boudreau
3 min read
saas model techi

It’s a SaaS world

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is cited as 82% of today’s cloud investments, and is the deployment model for 84% of new applications, so...
Avatar of Brian Wallace Brian Wallace
48 sec read
Adobe Photoshop

Artistic nostalgia: Adobe allows release of source code for original Photoshop

“Download Photoshop legally for free…” Those are the words that geeks have been wanting to hear for over two decades. The...
Avatar of Scarlett Madison Scarlett Madison
36 sec read

Nokia makes a calculated gamble by offering its map apps to use on iOS

Nokia has been sliding dangerously close to oblivion for some time now. The former king of mobile phones underestimated the rapid...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
54 sec read

Apps, software, and productivity from a PC user’s perspective

One of the primary goals of software (at least in theory) is to make things easier. It’s a simple, almost too-obvious...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
23 sec read
Android Training

Android Developer Relations introduces training to help build better apps

The Android Developers blog announced that they are launching a beta of Android Training, “a collection of classes that we hope...
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33 sec read

8 gadgets we should’ve never bought

The digital age has brought with it many inventions and breakthroughs that have made our lives better. But there are also...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
3 min read

Apple Axes Boxed Software

Really, it’s about damn time – and while it’s only a rumour, it makes perfect sense: Apple seems to be phasing...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
47 sec read

Desktop Applications Are On Life Support

It’s the year 1936. The first freely programmable computer — the Z1 — is being produced. With the ability to run...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
2 min read
sam frodo

How Google Can Save… Sony? Yes, Sony. Though it may now be hard to remember, there was a time that Sony was the company that led the...
Avatar of Navneet Alang Navneet Alang
4 min read

Put your photos in the ring and watch them fight.

Finally, a way for photographers to get their hands dirty and feel tough. is a way to submit your photographs,...
Avatar of Jay Perry Jay Perry
45 sec read

Entertainment On-The-Go Available with MobiTV app for iPhone

Wouldn’t it be really convenient to be able to check up on sports scores, news or even your favorite t.v. show...
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45 sec read

FBI, Homeland Security Evacs Avatars for Disaster Training

Since the tragic attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001, the whole world has been cautious about who they can...
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1 min read