Original Wii still selling strong on its 6th holiday season

Just because the Wii U launched last week doesn’t mean the Wii is dead. In fact, three of them were sold...
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The future of retail according to shoppers

With the election over and Thanksgiving around the corner, the shopping season is upon us. The way we buy things has...
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F-Commerce gets an ‘F’ as Facebook storefronts fail miserably

When Facebook started rolling out their plan to put online stores on their platform in November, 2010, many believed that “F-Commerce”...
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1 min read

Is this creepy android mannequin the future of retail merchandising?

If this is the future of retail, I’ll be shopping online more often. Takashimaya, a department store in Tokyo, is working...
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Amazon Irony: The chain store “killer” to launch a chain of physical stores

The company that many blame in part for the downfall of many large and small retail stores around the world is...
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Not Rated Shoes: Taking on the juggernauts through social media

In a great economy, it’s hard to start a retail company and get attention in industries where the major players have...
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Outlet Store

Internet killed the outlet store

The concept of “Factory Outlets” was a brilliant one. For better or for worse, they are dying a rapid death thanks...
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Google Store London

First Google Store opens in London to minimal fanfare

Google is singing “God Save the Queen” as they launch their first Google store. Sort of. Unlike competitors Apple and Microsoft...
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Microsoft Gears Up For Head-To-Head Combat With Apple at the Mall of America

This is just downright cartoonish. In an attempt to stay relevant, Microsoft, as you’re probably already aware, has been at work...
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