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1.4 billion smartphones will be activated in 2013

It’s a mobile world. Of that, there is little doubt. There is no longer a question about whether the smartphone and...
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Research in Motion is now simply “BlackBerry”

For RIM, you are what you eat. The latest twist for tumbling company Research in Motion, they’ve chosen to change their...
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RIM’s last stand

Fans who are still holding to hope for Research in Motion‘s revival through BlackBerry 10 devices due to be introduced later...
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Interview with RIM CEO discusses the cataclysmic downfall of the company

Blackberry Keyboard via Shutterstock In some ways, it’s simply a matter of circumstance. In others, it was missteps on their part...
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RIM is not in a “death spiral” according to their CEO

Research In Motion has been the whipping post for tech bloggers for a couple of years, now. We’ve taken our own...
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The moment smart investors (claim to) have been waiting for: Facebook falls below $29

After hitting the market hard, then getting hit hard by the market, Facebook‘s tumultuous IPO has hit a new low, closing...
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Should Microsoft buy Research in Motion?

Here’s how it all breaks down: It doesn’t take an astute observer to realize that RIM is dying. It takes even...
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Twitter and Bing continue their real-time search partnership

The romance between Twitter and Bing will continue. The two announced the renewal of their real-time search partnership, fittingly enough, via...
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Potential iPad Killer, Blackberry Playbook, Will Cost $499

Most of the iPad’s competition has been inferior and higher priced, which has resulted in numerous failures to create a true...
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Why The BlackBerry Torch Doesn’t Deserve The Burn

The general consensus following the release of the BlackBerry Torch in the tech journalism sphere was that RIM had failed to...
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BlackBerry’s Torch Released With Touchscreen and QWERTY Slideout Combo

The first smartphone choice of the business world just got a little sexier with the new design of the BlackBerry Torch....
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RIM Planning to Release iPad Competitor Blackpad in November

Blackberry is hoping to get all up in the iPad’s business with a new tablet device being released in November, claim...
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Video: First Peek At BlackBerry 6 BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion has introduced its first promo video pushing what’s positive inside the future BlackBerry 6 OS, set...
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RIM’s Acquisition of QNX is Much More Interesting Than It Sounds

“RIM Acquires QNX… zzzz… what?” Whoa. Sorry. Almost nodded off there for a sec. But before you fall asleep, here’s why...
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RIM Users Ready to Move to iPhone or Android

Research In Motion needs to get things moving in order to keep existing BlackBerry users with its platform, new research warns....
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