Project Glass

Not Google Glass

I’ll wait for Google Glass II (if it makes it that far)

The reviews are rolling in. For the most part, they’re not good. Google may have laid a major egg with Google...
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1 min read
How Google Glass Works

How Google Glass works

Google Glass is the new head-mounted computer being released by Google later this year. The device uses a clever prism design...
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1 min read
Driving a Car Google Glass

West Virginia lawmakers pushing to ban Google Glass while driving

It’s a good thing that Google is building a driverless car because lawmakers are already sending shots across the bow to...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
1 min read
Google Glass Spying

Will Google Glass empower creeps and perverts?

Cell phones. GoPro. Spy cams. There are already a ton of different ways for creeps and perverts to take pictures and...
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1 min read
Google Glass Dating

Google Glass will make dating easier. Or maybe not.

The world of dating is going to get easier – and more complicated – thanks to Google glass. It’s already so...
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1 min read

Google’s Project Glass could change our views

Every time there is a new smart phone put on the market, millions of people flock to the release in hopes...
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