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Flow will never let you miss a task again

Flow is a productivity tool that offers an intuitive, sensible solution to all of your personal tasking needs.  With a clean,...
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1 min read

Rumor: Google to halt new free accounts for Google Apps

Google has always allowed free access to their business-productivity product, Google Apps. Up to 10 users can have custom email addresses,...
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28 sec read

Your internet may be hurting your brain

The brain is a wonderful creation and the internet is often used to enhance or complement the capacity and recall within...
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27 sec read

Apps, software, and productivity from a PC user’s perspective

One of the primary goals of software (at least in theory) is to make things easier. It’s a simple, almost too-obvious...
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23 sec read

Google blinks in battle with Microsoft to focus their gaze on Facebook

There has been a conspicuous lack of news about Google Apps, their cloud-based business software division, over the past few months...
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42 sec read

Microsoft attempts (and fails) to destroy Google Apps with “Googlighting”

It may not be the first time Microsoft has tried to use humor and aggressive attacks to go after Google, but...
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46 sec read

Trends to End: Turning Everyday Tasks Into Games

Normally I don’t mind trends, so long as I don’t actually have to participate in them. However, there is one trend...
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1 min read

Released Today: Producteev2 Boosts Your Producteev-ity

Productivity, or “getting things done” is the primary goal of the digital generation. Before computers, people actually worked to earn a...
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