Nikola Tesla

If Nikola Tesla had to Pitch Products to Modern VCs

Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time. In many ways, he is still ahead of our time. Some of his inventions...
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How the Universe is defined

How the universe is defined

Time to put your thinking caps on and attack a larger issue. Actually, it’s about as large of an issue as...
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Unstoppable Immovable

The conclusion to an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force will surprise you

Leave it to the folks at Minute Physics to give enjoy thinking harder than you really want to for under four...
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Should we teach the wrong things to children because it’s easier to understand?

It’s no secret. We love Minute Physics. They have a way of taking complex ideas and dumbing them down to our...
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Gravitational time dilation in layman’s terms

Understanding the physical natural of time has been something that physicists have struggled with and debated over since before Einstein brought...
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In case you ever wondered about traveling through a hollow earth…

Normally, VSauce puts out some amazing minutephysics videos that spark the imagination and enlighten us in ways the world and universe...
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Ultimate geekness exemplified by Don Pettit and his yo-yo in space

There is a lot more physics involved with yo-yos than most people know. Take one into space and operate it with...
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Understanding relativity in 4 minutes or less

For over a century, people have tried to cope with understanding Einstein’s special theory of relativity and his famous equation, E=MC2....
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Fire is cool in theory

Humans take fire for granted. The reality behind the science of fire is actually pretty interesting. Whether looking at the chemistry...
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