Chrome overtakes IE to become world’s most popular browser

It was only a matter of time. Google Chrome, the internet browser they introduced in 2008, has been growing like crazy,...
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Opera 11

Firefox Was Yesterday and Chrome is Now. Is Opera Tomorrow?

Internet Explorer is a distant memory for anyone who knows what the word “browser” means. Firefox is hanging on by a...
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operamini 2

After Miracle App Store Acceptance, Opera Is King

Opera, the smallest big browser that is widely acknowledged, has had two impressive feats accomplished recently. It was accepted into the...
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Surprise: Apple Plays Opera Mini For iPhone (With Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpTCS3g-cBY In a big surprise for iPhone users in search of choice, Apple has approved the third-party Opera Mini app for...
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The Mobile Web Will Find a Way In Emerging Markets

Technology is, in general, a great thing. It empowers us with information, entertains us with social activity, and allows us to...
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mini5 iphone submission

Browser Battle: Opera Submits Mini Browser For iPhone Approval

There’s an iPhone browser break out beginning, with Opera Software submitting its Opera Mini 5 browser/app for the iPhone to the...
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