Galaxy Note Commercial

#Video: Samsung’s inadvertent metaphor about class differences

Surely they didn’t mean for it to come across the way it did. In essence, a rich man with tech gadgets...
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Nokia Camera Phone

Microsoft cannot justify silly Nokia deal

It was a silly move. Stratechery possibly said it best with an article titled, “The Deal That Makes No Sense“. For...
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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Ad

Microsoft positions itself away from the fray with new Lumia ad

Microsoft has had its shares of difficulties in two big arenas of late – selling phones powered by their operating system...
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Animal Tech

Best tech April Fool’s Day jokes of 2013

April Fool’s Day is pretty annoying for the unprepared. The flood gates of false announcements, buyouts, and new products fill the...
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1 min read

iPhone is more reliable than other smartphones (yes, even Samsung)

The war between the iPhone and the various Android smartphones has been hot for half a decade now. The various battles...
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Nokia makes a calculated gamble by offering its map apps to use on iOS

Nokia has been sliding dangerously close to oblivion for some time now. The former king of mobile phones underestimated the rapid...
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Nokia is sliding dangerously close to oblivion

They can’t seem to catch a break. News has been bad for the former leader in handset sales worldwide and it’s...
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Move over, Apple. Samsung is shipping more smartphones.

Samsung is knocking off the top players in mobile. First, they ousted Nokia to become the top mobile phone vendor in...
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The amazing manipulating power of the “accidental” leak

Every professional field has a set of hot buttons that allows those in it to be manipulated. For politicians, it’s money,...
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The Windows Phone may be the best but it isn’t helping Nokia

Chances are if you’re reading this article that you and most of the people you know have a smartphone. If you...
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nokia wp7

Nokia and Windows Phone 7 To Miss 2011

Microsoft and Nokia have one thing in common: they like to do things extraordinarily slow. It appears that their newfound relationship...
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Nokia Windows Phone 7

One Billion Reasons Nokia Likes the Microsoft Deal

Let the money exchange flow both ways. That’s what is starting to transpire in the Nokia/Microsoft deal and there are a...
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WP7 – Not Dead Yet!

If you’re not an iPhone-toting Macolyte, you may be following the adventures of Windows Phone 7, the little operating system that...
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1 min read

Nokia N8 Situation Getting Weirder

Nokia has been in a little bit of a mess for some time now, but their situation doesn’t seem to be...
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Screenshots Of Nokia’s MeeGo OS

Nokia’s next generation of phones will be powered by an OS named MeeGo, the convergence of Nokia’s Maemo OS and Intel’s...
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Copy of PB230151

Totally Rad Steampunk Phones For the Oldschool Gentleman

I was going to ask you if you enjoy rad things, but I know you. You’re a tech blog-surfing, web-savvy, geek-chic...
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Nokia’s X3 Touch And Type Lands Nokia’s new phone attempts to bridge the still fairly wide gap between touchscreen and physical keyboards. Nokia’s phones might not...
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The Biggest Waste Of Time On The Planet Just Got Wastier

Oh man. Guys. Check it. I’ve wasted too much of my morning on this already, and hopefully, you will too. No...
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