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History Of Social Media

The history of social media

Do you remember having to pick up a phone book? When was the last time you licked a stamp? Did you...
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Facebook Cover TK

Incredible Facebook facades and tips how to make one like them

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any better when it comes to establishing an active online presence, the social networking...
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4 min read
DDoS Attack

The day the internet almost died and what it really means

Let’s establish one thing immediately. Despite the shock journalism and uneducated claims out there saying that the internet attack was so...
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iWatch Concept 1

7 iWatch concepts and why most of them won’t work for Apple

As we said when we first brought up the rumor, the Apple iWatch represents a much-needed infusion of fresh technology to...
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Tesla Model S

Was Tesla the victim of activist journalism at the NYTimes?

When the NYTimes published a story last week claiming that a review drive of the Tesla Model S ended with a...
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Hoover Dam

The absolutely terrifying potential ramifications of the energy department hack

There are four primary ways that a malevolent entity, whether it be terrorists or a foreign state, could go about attacking...
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Broad range of presidential authority over cybersecurity is actually quite reasonable

When a headline such as “Broad Powers Seen for Obama in Cyberstrikes” appears on the NY Times, my initial response is...
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On the other hand, News Corp is proving everyone else right

We reported earlier that the NY Times is finding success with its paywall model for generating revenues and increasing profits. On...
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The Paywall Trend

The transition from traditional newspapers to online viewing has had a tremendous impact on the newspaper publishing industry.  In an attempt...
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Can IAC turn into a profitable website?

The New York Times Company tried. They failed. Now, media group IAC plans on taking a crack at making a...
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How does a smartphone know up from down?

It was probably pretty cool to you the first time you ever tried it on a smartphone or tablet, but the...
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Are tech companies the real problem with the current tax system?

The tax system in the United States (and most countries) is broken. Organizations like OccupyWallStreet and their predecessors have been pointing...
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Five Things Old Media Still Don’t Get About The Web

Earlier this week, the New York Times company forced the iPad Pulse News Reader app to be pulled from the App...
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