National Security Agency

Edward Snowden 3

Is the NSA situation actually part of bigger plan?

It’s a rant Thursday, I suppose. What has happened in the world that demands that Americans must consider their own government...
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Government Spying

How the next round of CISPA will come at us

With the government shutdown over and the NSA chief on his way out, the time is ripe for Washington to reintroduce...
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NSA Terrorist Watch Infographic

#Infographic: How accurate could the NSA be about terrorists?

We know they’re watching. That much is not in question. The only real debate that could possibly have enough substance to...
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American Revolution

Are we due for a technological revolt?

There are entities in the world of technology that are out to get us. They want our data. They want to...
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Hydra NSA

The NSA reform bill will make matters worse

The majority of American’s do not want to be spied upon by the US (or any other) government. That much is...
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Eric Schmidt

Is it time to adjust to the technological nature of our society?

According to Google’s Chairman of the Board, spying is part of the nature of society. He’s right. That much isn’t in...
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3 min read

5 vulnerabilities the NSA can use on your smartphone

No, the NSA can’t magically hack all iPhones and smartphones, but just like malware developers, it has more than a few...
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Zuckerberg Disrupt

How does Mark Zuckerberg have the right to complain about privacy?

On one hand, it’s refreshing to see tech leaders such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stepping forward to speak out about the...
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NSA violated court-ordered privacy standards for three years

The National Security Agency’s searches of a database containing the phone records of nearly all Americans violated privacy protections for three...
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NSA backdoor to domestic emails reopened secretly in 2011

Up is down and down is up if you’re watching closely enough to what has been happening at the NSA and...
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Encryption Key

Assume that no personal data is safe from the NSA, GCHQ, and others

Passwords. Encryption. Firewalls. Secure networks. None of these are out of the reach of the US National Security Agency (NSA), their...
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US Congress

Even Congress can’t get access to NSA information

If you feel like you’re being left in the dark about the practices of the NSA, you’re not alone. Even the...
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Edward Snowden 2

The Snowden snowball effect: why one man started an avalanche

His is a face that will be remembered for years and a name that will be remembered for decades. It isn’t...
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2 min read
NSA Spying Prism

Hey Google and Facebook: where’s the outrage? #NSA

The Fourth of July is about celebrating the freedom of the United States. This year, it’s marred by PRISM scandal that...
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Floppy Disks

Putting the byte on a scale

Data has been a hot topic for more than a decade now as the accumulation of the good ol’ byte has...
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Edward Snowden

Is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a patriot or a traitor?

Now that Edward Snowden has come forward as the source of the NSA leaks, much of the attention in Washington and...
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2 min read
NSA Surveillance Van PRISM

The Joy of Tech takes an unpopular but sadly realistic take on the NSA Verizon controversy

With Verizon vans rolling down the road being called “NSA Surveillance Vehicles” and every tech and political blog on the internet...
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Big Brother 1984

Which Big Brother do you prefer?

The hot news item this week is that the National Security Agency is perusing millions of U.S. customer phone records at...
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