Femto-photography: one trillion frames per second

What is femto-photography? According to Ramesh Raskar, it’s “a new imaging technique so fast that it creates slow motion video of...
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Google takes on online MBA programs, MIT and the mainstream education system

Google, New York City, Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology join forces to form a school offering classes in computer...
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The last ROFLcon

Had I known it was going to be the last ROFLcon, I would have made it my first. Unfortunately for those...
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MIT develops “superhydrophobic” glass that repels fog, water, glare, and zombies

Leave it to the brains at MIT to improve something that most of us take for granted: glass. Their “Fog-free glass”...
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Making the internet more open… in education

Over the past few decades starting with the computer revolution and continuing through the digital age, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology...
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Solar Virus

MIT makes solar-cell technology go viral. Literally.

Researchers at MIT have genetically modified a virus that helps carbon nanotubes self-assemble along solar cells to improve efficiency of electron...
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alan kay

Alan Kay Notebook Guru Takes Scratch To Apple

He may have predicted that Apple’s iPad would ‘rule the world’, but the man who invented the notebook concept isn’t happy...
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