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History of the Hashtag Infographic

#Infographic: The History of the Hashtag

The hashtag symbol was rarely used in any application other than on a touch tone phone up until it was popularized...
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16 sec read

Be thankful about real life on social media

Businesses are starting to get it. They once saw social media as a channel like many others through which they could...
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1 min read
Brand Power

How branding posts set up power posts on Facebook

There are several different ways that businesses go about using Facebook for marketing. Some use it for branding only. Others use...
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1 min read
Measuring Dimensions

An extremely long but exceptionally useful social media dimensions infographic

Some infographics are long for the sake of being long. They take up way too much space to make very few...
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45 sec read
Tornado Crisis

Reach versus inaccuracy: should social media be at the forefront during a crisis?

The use of social media to report events has become a normal occurrence. Any time anything happens that is newsworthy, many...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
36 sec read
Customer Relations

5 ways companies can use social media to manage customer relations

The internet gives everyone a voice, and that’s a beautiful thing. However, the things people say online can actually have a...
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2 min read
Facebook New

Facebook joins the flat, simple logo trend

The ebb and flow of design trends always seems to navigate towards and away from simplicity. Today, simple is hot. Flat...
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34 sec read
Posting on Facebook Wall

How businesses can post successfully on Facebook

This is a topic that has been covered so many times that one might wonder how it keeps popping up. The...
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1 min read
Real World Events

For businesses, Facebook should be about what’s happening in the real world

One of the most important lessons you can learn in Facebook marketing for your business is that you can have a...
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1 min read
Neverending Story

5 reasons that social media may never die

“Never” is a bold word. It is absolute and endless. To say that something can never happen is one of the...
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34 sec read

Stop making infographics that suck

In many ways, infographics help to fulfill one of the important promises of the internet in general and social media in...
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1 min read

Email and the lean green benefits of online marketing

More companies are looking at ways that will enable them to go green with their marketing efforts. However, their motivation isn’t...
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2 min read

Always keep your eyes open for social media opportunities

“I sit down at the computer and think of things to post on social media.” This is the problem. It’s the...
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1 min read

The rise of the mini media moguls

Social media is allowing a whole new generation to emerge. With young adults and children taking over social networking sites, it...
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1 min read

Businesses can’t hide from social media wrath

There was a time when an unhappy customer was an unhappy customer. Best practices said to deal with their concerns, empathize,...
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30 sec read

Social media’s growing influence on sports

It seems to have crept into every nook and cranny in our daily lives. It makes sense that social media would...
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16 sec read

Yelp reviews are the most valuable “social currency” out there: study

With so much money going into social media as a marketing and branding tool, it’s hard for businesses to discern the...
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35 sec read

The invaluable social media custom graphics cheat sheet

One of the hardest parts about personalizing social media profiles and pages is getting the artwork and branding just right. Every...
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21 sec read