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RIP print media

Print is dead. It isn’t dying. There is no chance of a resurrection. It’s done. Gone. Save the trees! Or is...
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Magazines Explore Augmented Ads, But It Won’t Save Them Augmented Reality has been gaining popularity with the growth of smart phones throughout the world, and it appears that Coke...
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Shocker: Newspapers, Magazines Still Hate the Internet

Games go social, computers go mobile, and communication goes online, but many newspapers and magazines still haven’t made the connection; Or...
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Has The Internet Made The Magazine Obsolete?

Alright internet, it’s confession time. I have a dark, disturbing secret for a geeky tech blogger. But I just have to...
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Zinio Reader 4 Enables Multi-platform Access To Interactive Magazines

Zinio, a company focused in digital publishing tech, has just released Zinio Reader 4, an Adobe AIR application that enables access...
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Now THIS Is What Magazines on the iPad Should Look Like When the iPad was initially announced, you could sum up a lot of the reaction with that common internet expression...
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