Helm's Deep LEGO

The most epic Helm’s Deep LEGO recreation you’ll see in this lifetime

We’ve seen the Minecraft treatment done to Game of Thrones that blew our minds with the digital effort put into it....
Avatar of Chastity Mansfield Chastity Mansfield
35 sec read
iPad Baby

Age 3 marked as milestone in media usage

You have a couple of choices here. You can either mark this down as part of the advancement of society, one...
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42 sec read
LEGO Ghostbusters

27 epic views of the LEGO Ghostbusters HQ by Orion Pax

When LEGO building pro Alex Jones (no, not that Alex Jones) decides to hit the nostalgic road, he likes to combine...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
18 sec read
LEGO Coffee Mug

LEGO coffee mug makes java fun again

There was a time when we were kids when drinking coffee was fun. It was such an adult thing to do...
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29 sec read
LEGO Sushi

You can’t eat it, but that doesn’t make this sushi made of LEGO less epic

Most people have heard of Iron Chef, the show that pits two master chefs and their teams against each other in...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
33 sec read
Introducing Macintosh Lego

Introducing Macintosh. For the LEGO lovers among us.

In 1984, Apple changed the world. They introduced Macintosh computers with a commercial directed by Ridley Scott that is arguably the...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
31 sec read

A massive motorized LEGO remote controlled batmobile

Move over all other remote controlled vehicles unless you want to get clobbered by this massive motorized LEGO batmobile. It steers...
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24 sec read
lego technic super8 projector thumb 550xauto 62529

Lego Super-8 camera only further proof that Lego really can solve every problem

I dream of a world wherein we’ve built everything out of Lego, simply because we can. A post-apocalyptic future after which...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
19 sec read

You can get your LEGO on in the tub, too!

Okay, so the LEGO thing has been played out over the Internet for far too much, and I might have contributed,...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
20 sec read

You’ve seen LEGOs before, but not like this I don’t know what it is about LEGOs, but they are awesome. But what is even more awesome is when...
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19 sec read

Lego Fan Resurrects Lost Art

I once heard that ships in bottles are built in a collapsed state outside the bottle, and then simply ‘unfolded’ once...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
33 sec read

‘Brickify’ Does Exactly What It Says On the Tin

If you’ve ever wanted to convert your favorite logo/photo/image to Lego, now’s your chance. The team at Carsonified has rolled out...
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27 sec read

Ancient Greek Technological Marvels are Child’s Play… Literally! Those ancient Greeks think they’re so great, developing an astonishingly-accurate mechanism for predicting astrological events over 2000 years ago. Whatever...
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15 sec read

Mad Scientist Dooms Us All With Self-Replicating Lego Menace, Or Something

This is just downright threatening. Software engineer Will Gorman has seen fit to play god and create a robot out of...
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46 sec read

Lego Wiimote Opens the Doors to Some Truly Rad Prospects

When I dare put ‘rad’ in the headline itself, you know something must be goddamn rad as all hell. And this...
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26 sec read

May the Sixth be With You In the event you’re suffering from Star Wars Day withdrawal, here’s a cute segue back into real life – the...
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21 sec read

The Droid Really Is All That: Commands Lego, Solves Rubik’s Cube This isn’t the first Rubik’s-cube-solving Lego robot that’s been viral in the last few months, nor is it the fastest...
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20 sec read
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New Swiss Army Knife Features Chainsaw, Ancient Sword of Power, Toothpick

I’ll be honest – I don’t really have any witty remark for this right out of the gate. Hey, it’s early,...
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24 sec read