larry page

Larry Page

Calico may be the best investment Google has ever made

There seems to be a lot of negative sentiment coming from multiple directions. Tech blogs, Wall Street analysts, and conspiracy theorists...
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2 min read
800 Lb Gorilla

Google is officially the 800-dollar gorilla

Forget the 800-lb gorilla. Google has billions of dollars more to worry about now that its shares have surpassed the $800...
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22 sec read

Google beats analyst expectations by $2 billion last quarter. Yes, $2 billion.

It isn’t too common for Wall Street analysts to be very wrong. They have good indicators and past performances upon which...
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Should Groupon founder Andrew Mason keep his job?

We’ve been very critical of Groupon and its founding CEO Andrew Mason. The enigmatic Silicon Valley guy has famously shunned Google’s...
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48 sec read

Are Larry Page and Sergey Brin being hypocritical by not using Google+?

The Google co-founders have been saying since before Larry Page took over as CEO last year that social was their #1...
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1 min read

Larry Page: PhD, innovator, visionary

Few businessmen are pushing the boundaries of technology further than that of Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Where Steve Jobs...
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2 min read

The Google-Motorola deal is done

Google announced they intended to purchase Motorola Mobility last August. Nine months, a go-around with China, and $12.5 billion dollars later,...
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38 sec read
Facebook vs Google

Why Larry Page is Right and Everyone Else is Wrong About Google Social

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were on top of the basketball world in the 80s. They fought back wars against each...
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3 min read
Larry Page

Google Cuts Bureaucratic Tape, Streamlines Decisions By Departments

Taking a page out of Steve Jobs’ playbook, new Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has restructured upper management at Google...
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Larry Page

The Google Shakeup

When is the best time to change CEOs if you’re a major company? How about shortly after announcing fourth-quarter earnings of...
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