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Bieber reaches 40 million Twitter followers… kind of

In recent years, social media has become the fuel to boost celebrity popularity. Whether it’s Amanda Bynes tweeting about whom she’s...
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Four types of Facebook posts that businesses can rotate if they must

There are too many opportunities out there in the world of social media that makes it a bad idea to ignore...
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Posting only links on Twitter means posting nothing at all

Anyone who has been on Twitter as long as I have (6 years I believe) knows that the site has gone...
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Lady Gaga loses 156M YouTube views in latest crackdown

Lady Gaga joins Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson as artists whose YouTube channels had artificially inflated views struck from the...
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Bieber will overtake Gaga on Twitter. This is actually a little important.

It doesn’t matter whether you like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. The fact that the #1 and #2 most followed accounts...
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Little Monsters: The social network

She already dominated the pop world, but now with over 51 million fans on Facebook and 24 million Twitter followers, Lady...
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The Rise of the Bieber: How Pop Stars Become Famous Using the Web

Justin Bieber. His name alone has become synonymous with levels of rage and annoyance previously unheard of amongst internet users worldwide. For...
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Applegirl’s PokerFace Matched Only by Mad iPhone Skills can’t decide what’s more impressive about this video:  ‘Applegirl002’s’ skill in using iPhone apps to create music; or the fact...
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