Justin Bieber Twitter

Bieber reaches 40 million Twitter followers… kind of

In recent years, social media has become the fuel to boost celebrity popularity. Whether it’s Amanda Bynes tweeting about whom she’s...
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2 min read

By catering only to big brands, @Klout is reducing its usefulness

Every few months, it seems that Klout makes changes to try to bring its importance to a higher level and push...
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2 min read

Klout preps users for big changes soon

The last time Klout rolled out major changes to their algorithm, they made a lot of people angry. People complained. There...
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43 sec read

Klout or EA: Which site should I use to evaluate my social media efforts?

  If you’re in the Social Media Industry you have heard of the social measuring sites, Klout or Empire Avenue, sure...
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2 min read

How to increase your Klout score

It can be said that watching your Klout score fluctuate daily is addicting. It’s definitely an everyday occurrence to login and...
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Klout adjusts “+K” kudos to include reasons for influence

Klout, the social influence measure that is likely the most used and well-respected, rolled out a series of changes yesterday. They...
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36 sec read

Does Klout really measure clout?

For those of you that don’t know, Klout is a way of measuring digital influence through social networking platforms. I’ll admit...
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1 min read
Klout Algorithm

Why @klout made a big mistake with their algorithm change

One aspect of social media that is widely understood but rarely discussed is the ego-boost through empowerment that it allows. In...
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1 min read