Michael Knight

Samsung’s ballyhooed ads: are they worth the hype?

It isn’t often that an advertisement is the top story on the tech news aggregators. Usually when it is, there’s an...
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Samsung to jump into wearable tech segment with a watch of their own

Rumors have been spreading about the mythical iWatch from Apple. It will be worn on the risk and is supposed to...
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53 sec read
Google Glass Girl

7 reasons why Google Glass will fail

New gadgets. We love them. They bring excitement donin the days leading up to their launch and they give us reasons...
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3 min read
iWatch Concept

The iWatch isn’t even real yet and there’s already a video showing how to improve it

Apple certainly knows how to spark innovation outside of itself. Nobody outside of the lowest dungeon levels in Cupertino has any...
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iWatch Patent

Is this the iWatch patent?

AppleInsider has uncovered a patent filing that points to a flexible touchscreen watch design. If you don’t think this is the...
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iWatch Concept 1

7 iWatch concepts and why most of them won’t work for Apple

As we said when we first brought up the rumor, the Apple iWatch represents a much-needed infusion of fresh technology to...
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Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo for Star Wars Episode VII?

We still have two years to watch the rumors fly about the Disney chapter of Star Wars, but they’ll keep popping...
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Calculator Watch Apple

Apple rumored to be hitting the wearable computers arena with the iWatch

The first “computer” watches were pretty basic by today’s standards, but they launched a concept that has never been fulfilled. The...
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