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Microsoft kills a good trend of self-deprecating ads with “Child of the 90s” video

Microsoft had a good thing going. They created a pair of videos aimed at diffusing some of the hate towards their...
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Chrome overtakes IE to become world’s most popular browser

It was only a matter of time. Google Chrome, the internet browser they introduced in 2008, has been growing like crazy,...
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Kinect to a full version of Internet Explorer with the Xbox 360

It could be a play to increase the number of Internet Explorer users. It could be a differentiator between them and...
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In South America, Chrome rules

The most dominant we browser within a continent is Google Chrome in South America. It isn’t even close. With nearly half...
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Browser Wars

Browser Wars

Apple vs PC. Facebook vs Google+. Digg vs Reddit. There are always going to be wars that happen as competition over...
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Google Toolbar 7 image

Google Launches Cleaner, Faster Toolbar

Google has brought the speed of Google Instant to its latest Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. One of the primary features...
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Internet Explorer Turns 15 – Next Year It’ll Want A Car

When you start to remember the dawn of things, you’re getting old. I remember the dawn of Internet Explorer and, if...
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