IBM Engineers

IBM starts cutting employees after first earnings shortfall in 8 years

For decades, International Business Machines Corporation, better known as IBM, has been one of the most solid representatives in the tech...
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A Boy and His Atom

IBM produces the world’s smallest movie: A Boy and His Atom

IBM is one of the largest firms in the world in terms of both market capitalization and number of employees. It...
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10 biggest game-changing personal computers of all time

Personal computers have reached a tipping point in recent years where the innovations are more about speed and capabilities than absolute...
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705 Electronic Data Processing Machine

The 705 Electronic Data Processing Machine from 1954 was surprisingly fast

Today, we operate in a computer world where speed is graded by megabytes and gigabytes per second in data transfer alone....
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Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo leaves ‘digital media’ image to promote itself as a “technology company’

A rose by any other name… Digital media. It didn’t really mean much outside of offering content to people for consumption....
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IBM delivers new software and cloud services to accelerate social business

Today IBM announced several new software and cloud-based services to advance the transformation of organizations into social businesses. From marketing to...
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Despite rise in mobile commerce, shopping apps are still 10th on the list

There has been plenty of buzz lately about the rise in shopping from mobile devices. Smartphones in particular are seeing sharp...
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IBM developing staph-killing “ninja polymers” that attacks physically rather than chemically

One of the biggest risks with drugs such as antibiotics that chemically attack bacteria and other harmful organisms is that a...
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Tech companies dominate the list of most valuable brands in the world

Very few people would miss the answer to the question, “What’s the most valuable tech brand in the world?” Sure, some...
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How buying patents from IBM can save Facebook

The acquisition of 750 patents from IBM by Facebook signals the venture of the social networking giant into a realm new...
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IBM’s vision of the technology world in the next 5 years

Every year, IBM takes a stab at telling the future by examining what they’re working on in their 5in5 series. This...
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“Blue Busters” video proves nothing, not even Apple, was immune to the 80s

Those of us who grew up in the 80s are well aware that the culture, attitude, and utter cheesiness of the...
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IBM is now more valuable than Microsoft (but still way behind Apple)

For the first time in 15 years, IBM has a higher market value than Microsoft., closing at $214 billion yesterday compared...
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IBM Watson Jeopardy

Jeopardy!-winning computer Watson “hired” to offer medical advice to doctors

It proved that it could beat the best Jeopardy! champions in the world at their own game. Now, IBM’s Watson will...
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Is the PC really dying?

When Mark Dean, CTO of IBM Middle East and Africa, declared this morning that we are in the “Post-PC Era”, a...
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IBM’s Watson Ties on Jeopardy, Has A Glitch or Two [Video]

IBM’s Watson supercomputer had its first shot at Jeopardy last night, and, overall, it went well. Watson had a few moments...
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IBM Develop World’s First Artificial Game Show Contestant – And He Cleans Up REAL Well Check this out. As you may or may not have already hit play, you may or may not already know...
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