Why is HP bringing out their big Windows 8 tablet in January?

It’s easy to pick on a company when they’re down and despite some good moves in the last year by HP,...
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Does 275 webOS layoffs mark the end of HP tablets?

When Meg Whitman declared late last year that WebOS tablets would be made again in 2013, the concept was met with...
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Meg Whitman at HP

What the Meg Whitman appointment really means to HP

There are certain qualities that a leader of a company can bring to the table. Leadership and decision making are often...
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Meg Whitman

Is HP double-dipping on an imminent Whitman announcement?

Meg Whitman’s name has always done well in business. Despite not becoming governor of California, her career with eBay and other...
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HP Touchpad

HP employees given chance to buy last batch of TouchPads

The end of a very short era at HP is around the corner as they announced internally that the employee purchase...
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HP Tablet

HP’s failure is Microsoft’s win as 1000 webOS developers migrate

The vultures are circling the failed webOS-powered hardware victims, particularly the developers who have been making their money around building apps...
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hp touchsmart

HP Gets Comfy With New Reclining Touchscreen

Once upon a time, Steve Jobs said that Apple didn’t want to get into touchscreen desktop computing because it was unnatural...
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t1larg.hp .slate

The HP Slate: Anyone Want Half A Netbook For $800?

You hear the term ‘iPad Killer’ an awful lot, don’t you? Well, like, I guess you would if you read tech...
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why go 1

WebOS 2.0 Arrives, Now HP Branded

Palm Web OS is now officially resigned to the history books. It was really only a matter of time, but now...
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palm pre

Palm Pre Two On The Way

The Palm Pre, Palm’s  last ditch effort to overthrow the iPhone as king of mobile and bounce back to profitability is...
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mark hurd

Oracle Jealous Of The Publicity HP Received Over The Mark Hurd Scandal

Most companies looked at the Mark Hurd scandal with distaste, but one company watching saw something great. After the weekend’s rumors,...
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HP And Palm, What A Fantastic Partnership

The ink on the Palm purchase paperwork is barely dry, and there’s been nothing but problems over at HP. First, CEO...
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laptop exploding battery fire

Voodoo Founder Says Microsoft Is Doing Gaming Wrong

I’m totally a PC gamer, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. I play Team Fortress 2 most nights of my...
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zdnet hp slate

HP Takes On Apple, Google For Handheld Futures

Hurrah – HP’s recently-acquired Palm unit has updated its webOS software, unleashing a whole new world of handheld gaming. Well, not...
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hp officejet

HP Harnesses The Awesome Power of Palm’s WebOS.. For Printing

If, like me, you had high hopes for Palm’s WebOS platform when it was purchased by HP, the sound of our...
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hp slate

HP Tablet Due in Q3

The first fruit of HP’s acquisition of Palm will be a Web OS-enabled tablet device due out in the second half...
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palm flow ad2

HP Gambles With Palm, Apple Gains Edge With Siri

Recently two Silicon Valley giants made big investments in their future. But while HP’s purchase of Palm got all the headlines...
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palm pre plus

Psst!! Want A Smartphone? Palm Pre And Pixi – Just One Cent

Value-conscious geeks are snapping up the last available units of Palm’s Pre and Pixi smartphones at huge discounts as the company...
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