Realistic Game Rendering

#Video: The Hollywood versus gaming industry generation gap

Is Hollywood too old to grasp what video games represent? As graphics improve and storylines become more complex, the nature of...
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Why GTAV’s success is bad for gaming

Success in the gaming industry is no longer measured by sales of a game. It’s now all about the staying power...
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1 min read
Star Trek Cumberbatch

Avoid Star Trek spoilers at all costs

There hasn’t been a movie since The Sixth Sense that had more potential for disaster than Star Trek: Into Darkness. No,...
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GoPro Array

Homemade GoPro array mixes action sports with Matrix camera work

What happens when you combine 15 GoPro cameras, some talented extreme athletes, and a ton of ingenuity? You get The Matrix,...
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American Idol

5 things American Idol can teach businesses about social media

There are a lot of ways that Hollywood has changed the way we use the internet. On one side, the internet...
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Greenscreen Filming

Background video technology brings the world to Hollywood

We’ve all seen the shots in sci-fi movies where the background was obviously manufactured. Background fill video technology is nothing new...
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Movies for reel geeks: 7 upcoming non-blockbusters to put on your list

The Hollywood hype machine is already anointing this summer as the biggest one in movie history. The Avengers shattered records and...
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Dear Hollywood: If illegal downloads hurt your industry, Avengers should have flopped

The math is pretty straight forward. It was likely the most widely-downloaded camcorder recording of a movie ever. Following the thinking...
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Video games dominate Hollywood in release week sales

With the start of summer, the start of blockbuster movie season begins. While the money-making is strong for many summer releases,...
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DECE ultraviolet

2011: Hollywood Destroys Ownership. 2012: The World?

You might think that 2011 will be all about how the amazing the iPad 2 or iPhone 5 will be. However,...
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3d studio celeb

Hollywood Gets Even More Fake With A New Virtual World

Well, I guess it would be only a matter of time before Hollywood got their hands dirty in the virtual world;...
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1 min read

7 Ways Technology Could Kill Us All, As Told By Hollywood

We have bestowed technology with the task of improving our lives, and as technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, it...
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4 min read

NASA Goes Hollywood… Sorta

Bet you thought the stiff-assed pencil pushers at NASA were all business, didn’t you? Yeah, don’t sweat, so did I. But...
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