Old Cell Phone

First cell phone television ad from 1989

Okay, so we probably shouldn’t have used a jolly Don Draper cartoon as the featured image for this piece, but it’s...
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History of the Internet Infographic

#Infographic: The history of the internet

The title of the infographic itself is, “A Short History of Internet Milestones”. In reality, we have gone beyond the concept...
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Emperor 1510 LX in Use

The ultimate ‘seat of power’ is surprisingly useful

There are luxury items out there that only the wealthy would ever consider. In most cases, they have amenities that nobody...
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Nikola Tesla

If Nikola Tesla had to Pitch Products to Modern VCs

Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time. In many ways, he is still ahead of our time. Some of his inventions...
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705 Electronic Data Processing Machine

The 705 Electronic Data Processing Machine from 1954 was surprisingly fast

Today, we operate in a computer world where speed is graded by megabytes and gigabytes per second in data transfer alone....
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Getting a job at Apple – advice from those who did it

There are certain teams that are considered “dream jobs” by those who enter a field. Baseball players often dream of playing...
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History of the ATM

One of the most convenient technologies of our time, ATMs have a surprisingly rich history that most would never think of...
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Epic Battle Mech

Build an epic battle mech with common household items

Anyone who was a kid at some point in their lives has probably imagined having a robotic exoskeleton. If that’s not...
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title algorithms

How algorithms have changed the world

If you consider yourself even remotely interested in technology, you’ve heard the term “algorithm.” An algorithm is defined as a set...
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Geek blast from the past: St. John Publications 3D comics

It’s getting more difficult all the time to blow the minds of kids today. They’re more computer literate before hitting junior...
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UseNeXT software review: a way to access important files and data

The usenet provider UseNeXT is nothing new to the tech geeks or the internet users. Basically, it is a gateway to...
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1 min read

The history of the internet

Many of us were born or raised in a world with the internet. For some, it has been a part of...
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Gravitational time dilation in layman’s terms

Understanding the physical natural of time has been something that physicists have struggled with and debated over since before Einstein brought...
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3 strong reasons why video games are good for mind sharpness

Most people think video games as a bad habit and wastage of valuable time, but in fact, it can turn your...
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1 min read

A tale of two gigabytes

On the left, you have a 1GB hard drive. It weighed about 75 lbs, and 31 years ago companies could get...
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80 million users for Instagram in less time than Facebook or Twitter

  The next Social Media giant is right before our eyes, known as the photo filtering and sharing social mobile app,...
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Why has email lasted so long?

Many of us grew up writing letters long-hand and sending them via the Post Office. It wasn’t until 1965, that the...
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Online empires fall. Will Facebook?

It’s hard to imagine the world without Facebook right now. Even people who aren’t users are affected by it even if...
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