Understanding the differences in High-Def formats

High definition videos have been a hot topic for years. With plasma televisions and HD video recorders filling our houses and...
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JVC 3D HD Camera image

JVC Introduces World’s First Consumer 3D Camcorder

If there was a common theme at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, it was undoubtedly 3D technology. Tech giants including Samsung,...
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When High Definition Just Isn’t Enough

Are you thinking about purchasing a new HD television? You could, but you might regret it, especially after you read this....
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DIY Weather Balloon Camera Records Blackness Of Space

http://vimeo.com/15091562 Yeah, we landed on the moon forty years ago. Yes, Bruce Willis and his daredevil team of drillers placed a...
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HD monitor mounts directly to your DSLR.

For everyone using their DSLRs to shoot HD video, it just got a bit more convenient. You can now take off...
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Microsoft releases three HD webcams

Today Microsoft will be releasing three new HD webcams for Notebooks. Yes, you read that correctly. Now you can skype in...
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