Captain Kirk Phone

Sci-Fi tech that turned out to be pretty accurate

One of the most appealing aspects of science fiction is that it allows us to take a peek into the future...
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33 sec read
Peter Jackson Hobbit

Where your favorite geeky movies were filmed

Have you ever wondered where your favorite movie was filmed? Many times, we see the beautiful scenery and cool sets, but...
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1 min read
Star Trek Cumberbatch

Avoid Star Trek spoilers at all costs

There hasn’t been a movie since The Sixth Sense that had more potential for disaster than Star Trek: Into Darkness. No,...
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1 min read
A Boy and His Atom

IBM produces the world’s smallest movie: A Boy and His Atom

IBM is one of the largest firms in the world in terms of both market capitalization and number of employees. It...
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1 min read
Greenscreen Filming

Background video technology brings the world to Hollywood

We’ve all seen the shots in sci-fi movies where the background was obviously manufactured. Background fill video technology is nothing new...
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43 sec read

How Ted is still gaining fans long after leaving theaters

In theaters, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s first major motion picture Ted was a huge hit.  It combined the brash frat...
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1 min read

#signhereplease, a short film shot with a smartphone, reveals much about our over-connected world

The hashtag has become a symbol of sentiment in a society where the people are often so connected virtually to one...
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33 sec read
youtube logo2

Google Pitching Pay-Per-View – And Maybe This Time It’ll Work

So Google is pitching a YouTube pay-per-view service to Hollywood studios that would enable video rentals for five bucks a pop....
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51 sec read

New Animated Film Takes Design to the Next Level Andreas Hykade, the director of short films such as The Runt and Ring of Fire, has another film slated to...
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31 sec read

NASA Goes Hollywood… Sorta

Bet you thought the stiff-assed pencil pushers at NASA were all business, didn’t you? Yeah, don’t sweat, so did I. But...
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21 sec read

Spike Jonze Proves Robots Can Love

Spike Jonze has teamed up with Absolut Vodka to present ‘I’m Here’, a touching short film about robots in love. The...
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