Flat is buzzing in the design world, but for how long?

Many major companies are going flat. No, it’s not just the economy or consumer sentiment, but rather in design. Flat is...
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TshirtOS: One shirt that will rule them all and change the future of fashion

When it comes to t-shirts we have all had a fair amount that share quirky, funny or offensive messages, these shirts...
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A Little Blinky Blinky For The Ladies Engineer Marc DeVidts is my favourite person today. Marc’s unconcerned with not being totally fly and getting all the ladies....
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keyboard shoe

From the Department of Things That Don’t Need To Exist: Keyboard Shoes

Yo, dawg. I heard you like Twitter, so I installed a keyboard in your shoe, so you can tweet while you...
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An Alternative For The Velcro-Footed Gentleman

Blake Bevin is some kind of hero-person. I’ve never quite handled tying my own shoes – I mean, like, sure I...
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geordi la forge

Sup, Geordi? Electronic Corrective Eyewear to Hit the Market This Year

How have you been making use of your time? PixelOptics have spent the last decade developing emPower, which is – get...
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Insert Classless Joke About ‘Computers’ and ‘Running’

Gabriel Dishaw knows what beef is. Culling tech refuse for old circuit boards, processors, and other obsolete throw-away-ables, Gabe recombobulates them...
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iPad Suits – Because You’ll Need Both Hands for the Ladies

I bet you’ve been wondering how to most stylishly deal with life’s big question: ‘But where do I put my iPad?’...
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Flash Drive Cufflinks1

For The Gentleman Who Has Everything, and Needs Somewhere To Put It

There’s never a shortage of interesting storage options for the full spectrum of geek chic. Earlier this week, I showed you...
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gesturegloves 1274382826

Just Like Minority Report, Only Really, Really Ugly

Hey, speaking of things in 2010 that feel like they came from the 80’s – no, not me – check out...
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2xist underwear

Is That An Electrochemical Sensor In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Scientific advancement comes primarily from the areas most of interest to big business and governments. So why does this article lead...
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karl lamp1

Lagerfeld Lamps Pay Tribute to Fashion Icon

Black sunglasses, stiff white collars and pinstriped neckties scream Karl Lagerfeld so much, that designer Dzmitry Samal decided to pay homage...
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West Side, Ai!

Design geeks are a trendy bunch, and nothing says “Bling” like a set of Adobe CS-themed necklaces. Available on Etsy from...
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Abbey Liebman Dress

Geek Chic NOT Aimed At Guys

Geek gadgetry has a new, previously untapped market: Women. For years, technology and geek chic has been the domain of males,...
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