Apps that Pay Users Infographic

#Infographic: Apps on the right side of ‘free’

Do you know what’s better than paying for something? How about getting it for free? Do you know what’s better than...
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A new social media site just for your grandparents is in the works

It’s bad news enough when your mother discreetly sends you a friend request via your favorite social media site. This means...
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As Facebook sinks, Zynga gets dragged down with them

In Aladdin, when Jafar was pulled into the lamp after making a monumental mistake of going for too much power, he...
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The $200 million “Draw Something” fad is ending

Someone should have seen this coming. Someone should have said something. After forking over $200 million to buy OMGPOP for the...
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Facebook Puts All Its Farmville Eggs In One Basket, To the Delight of Sane Folk Everywhere

A few of my friends like to call themselves gamers. That is to say, a few of my friends who are...
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Facebook Takes Aim at Target

Hey, I don’t suppose you’re the type to buy people gift cards for special occasions, are you? Cuz, like, not to...
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Like Farmville? So Does Google

Pygmies in the Amazonian rain forest are all well aware of the addictive and widespread Facebook game Farmville, so I won’t...
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Farmville May Deal Facebook Some Harmville with Zynga Live

Seems everybody’s just about had it up to here with Facebook, and it looks like this is the case with developers...
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Pre-teen Goes Crazy In Farmville, Spends $1,400!

I feel as if I am the only person on the planet who has never played Farmville. But after this story,...
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It’s Like a Million Real-World Farmers Cried Out in Terror… and Were Suddenly Silenced

First off, there really is no end to the tide of Internet startups with names that sound like cartoon sound effects,...
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